what's inside, matters

And it starts with Troovy.

We are on a mission to inspire a love for healthy food among children. Thus we swap pesky additives, preservatives, and a long list of unhealthy ingredients in regular sauces and spreads with a whole rainbow of vegetables and nutritious superfoods.

Once Troovy enters your house, all meals start finishing up.

The Troo dragons further reinforce the magic of veggies and healthy food via trump cards, ebooks, and more, and your child falls hopelessly in love with everyday healthy food for life.

nifty, isn’t it?

100 parents, 4 agencies, 40 iterations on the recipe, 7 tasting sessions, 10 nutritional profiling tests, 10 shelf-life tests, and 14 months of research later, we finally have something that makes it all worth it.

But the road wasn't easy. Impossible even.

Troovy encapsulates five innovations that have never been done together in any Indian health food - No artificial chemicals in a wet product, Natural nutrition vs. artificial supplements, Half a serving of veggies in each serve, Shelf stability, and Unbelievable yumminess.

the boss of packaged food

parents did it!

Troovy is the result of collective effort of 100s of parents who have nurtured it from idea to launch, and continue supporting it now.

Troovy parents come from all walks of life - they are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, homemakers, teachers, and social workers. But one mission binds them all - they want only the best for their child

only the best

Troovy sauces do not have any artificial chemicals. Period.

They last 5-6 months in sealed packs. The shelf life of sealed Troovy packs comes largely from a world-class hygienic production process and a five-layer packaging.

Upon opening, the sauces last a week in your refrigerator using the same preservation techniques used by moms all over the world - natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, salt, and jaggery.

BRC certified

We are maniacal abot quality.

Our sauces are made in a world-class facility with USFDA and A+ certification from British Retail Consortium.

Even then, every batch of sauces goes through nutritional profiling, microbial testing, and shelf-life testing before coming to you.

Mantras of Troovy parents

no compromises on health

Troovy parents are all about mindful parenting with zero compromises on their child’s physical and emotional health. That means nothing goes unnoticed for a Troovy parent regarding what’s best for the kids.

no half-truths, ever

Troovy parents detest products with harmful ingredients. They are the myth-breakers of their household and expect brands they back to champion high standards of transparency & quality.

Be the changemaker

Troovy parents have high expectations. They know what they want from a packaged food product for their children, and they are ready to lead that change.

don’t believe us? ask Mansi!

I have been cooking food since I was ten years old. Add to that the little trivia that I’m married to a food-loving Bengali; I never thought food would be a source of struggle for me when it came to my son.

As a mother of 3-year-old juggling life and a high-profile job at Bain & Company, it was agonizing for me to see him detest most everyday foods.

Today, V helps me pick his choice of vegetables at dinnertime. His rotis are full of veggies, and his snack time is no less fun than it is nutritious.

I believe every child deserves complete nutrition so they are fully equipped to seize their happiness, career, and life.

Have any queries, or just want to day hello? Reach me at hello@troovyfoods.com or mansi@honestinnovations.co. This whole community of Troovy moms started with one hello.