healthy eating for picky eaters

Encouraging Picky Eaters to Embrace Healthy Eating

post by Tanisha Jain

Dealing with picky eaters can be challenging for parents, but with some practical advice and strategies, you can encourage your children to embrace healthy eating habits. Introducing Troovy sauces can be a helpful to make nutritious foods more enjoyable for your picky eaters. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:


  • Troovy Taste Testing: Turn mealtime into a fun tasting adventure by putting a Troovy taste testing station. Set up small bowls with different Troovy sauce flavors and encourage your child to dip various fruits, vegetables, or whole grain crackers into the sauces. Let them rate and describe the flavors to make it an interactive and enjoyable experience.


  • Troovy Treasure Hunt: Hide small Troovy sauce bottles around the kitchen or dining area and create a treasure hunt for your picky eater. Provide them with clues or a treasure map to find the hidden sauces. When they find a bottle, encourage them to incorporate that particular Troovy flavor into their next meal.


  • Recipe Time with Troovy: Challenge your child to create a Troovy-inspired recipe. Let them brainstorm ingredients and flavors they want to combine with Troovy sauces. Encourage them to experiment and create a unique dish. This activity makes them excited about Troovy sauces and fosters their creativity in the kitchen.


  • Troovy Food Art: Transform mealtime into an artistic experience by encouraging your child to create Troovy food art. Provide colorful fruits, vegetables, and Troovy sauces as their palette. They can arrange the ingredients into fun shapes, faces, or patterns on their plate. Take pictures of their creations and praise their artistic skills.


  • Troovy Meal Challenges: Organize Troovy meal challenges to make healthy eating more exciting. Set a goal for your child to include certain number of healthy ingredients into a meal. Let them choose the healthiest ingredients and get creative in the kitchen. Offer small prizes or certificates for successfully completing the challenges.


  • Troovy Dip Party: Plan a Troovy dip party where you and your child can create different dips using Troovy sauces. Provide various dippable options such as carrot sticks, cucumber slices, or pakodas. Encourage your child to come up with their unique dip combinations and enjoy dipping and tasting together.


  • Troovy Chef's Hat: Get your child excited about cooking by presenting them with a special Troovy-themed chef's hat. Let them wear it while helping you prepare meals using Troovy sauces. This simple accessory can make them feel like a Troovy chef and add a touch of fun to the cooking process.


Using these Troovy sauces by  involving kids and engaging them in enjoyable experiences, you can make the journey of healthy eating more fun and rewarding for your picky eaters.