Getting kids to eat vegetables II

Ways to Deal with Kids Being Selective in Eating Veggies

post by Aditya Prakash Singh

In our previous post, we discussed six tips for encouraging your child to eat more vegetables. Here are six more tips to try. Do let us know if any of these are working for you. Remember, as is true for all behavior changes, sometimes these tips can take a while to start showing results.

  1. Be patient: Remember, there are many ways to get the right food inside your child’s body. You could hide veggies in almost anything and everything they eat. So be patient. Let your child get comfortable and discover different foods in their own time. You want them to establish a love affair with healthy food for life.
  2. Start with familiar foods and keep them informed: It helps keep your children informed about your plan and the why. “Vegetables have vitamins and minerals that are important for us to remain strong. I will try to give you spinach in different forms over the next week, and we will see which one you like. We can even cook spinach together as you want. Spinach has iron that makes humans strong. Then proceed to make gradual changes. Add spinach to the paneer or mix spinach in the dough.
  3. Create a pact for smelling/ touching/ tasting: This might take some patience, but you can create a deal with your child to consider all foods you offer. It could be a deal that they will smell or touch before they decide to eat it or not. Or that they will taste it before deciding. Remember to respect their choice once they fulfill their part of the deal.
  4. Set fun routines around mealtimes: establish practices where the child can sit with the whole family, eat and talk together, or engage the child in some activity to make it a fun experience.
  5. Taste & texture: Just as adults are picky about the taste & texture of food, so are kids! They will probably not eat it if it doesn’t taste and feel good in their mouth. In general, children like mild umami flavors and crunchy textures. They also like the fatty, sugary, and salty tastes, but we aren’t going to lean into that, are we? Rember that a gourd hidden in daal or dough has equal nutrition to that served as a separate dish. Hiding gourd in yummy food also helps your child develop a taste for gourd and increases the chances of them accepting it as an individual dish (eventually). 
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We hope this was useful for you. If you want more nutrition tips and gyan, read our other blogs! Until next time, happy, healthy eating!