Rice Paper Wraps

Easy to Make Rice Paper Wraps

Indulge in the mouthwatering goodness of our Troovy Pasta and Pizza sauce-infused Rice paper wraps! The subtle tang of Troovy Pasta and Pizza sauce elevates these rice paper wraps to a whole new level of taste. Quick and easy to make, these refreshing treats are perfect for any occasion!



  • Rice paper wrappers
  • Thinly sliced vegetables (cabbage, bell peppers, onions)
  • Fresh herbs (mint, basil, cilantro)
  • Cooked proteins , tofu
  • Troovy Pizza Pasta Sauce
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


step-by-step method


Step 1: Soften the rice paper wrappers:

Fill a large shallow dish with warm water. Place one rice paper wrapper in the warm water and let it soak for about 5-10 seconds until it becomes soft and pliable. Carefully remove the softened rice paper from the water and place it on a clean, damp kitchen towel or a plastic cutting board.


Step 2: Spread the sauce on the rice paper:

In a small bowl, mix the oil with Troovy Pasta and Pizza sauce to create a flavorful sauce.Take the softened rice paper wrapper and lay it flat on your work surface. Using a brush or the back of a spoon, spread a thin layer of the oil and Troovy Pasta and Pizza sauce mixture evenly over the surface of the wrapper. 


Step 3: Saute the vegetables:

In a pan or wok, heat a tablespoon of oil over high heat. Add the chopped vegetables (cabbage, bell peppers, onions, etc.) to the hot oil and sauté for about 2 minutes or until they become slightly softened. 


Step 4: Assemble the spring rolls:

Place the desired fillings (cooked protein, sautéed vegetables, vermicelli noodles, etc.) in the center of the rice paper wrapper. Fold the sides of the rice paper wrapper over the fillings, tucking them in slightly to hold the ingredients in place. Begin rolling the spring roll from the bottom, making sure to keep it tight and compact as you roll it up. 


Step 5: Repeat with remaining wrappers and fillings:

Enjoy your homemade spring rolls with Troovy Pasta and Pizza sauce!

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